We get 1019% Profit in 11/18

12/1-4 Give you more interest

We sell USD in 11/18 and Get 1019% profit. So We decide to give more interest to you!
Basic plan 2%=>3% / vip plan 2.5%=>3.5%
Best vip plan 3.5%=>5% / Super vip plan 4%=>6%


We are a company in UK

UK company number SC549102

Registered office address
9 Clashmach Drive, Huntly, United Kingdom, AB54 8LH
Company type
Private limited Company

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How can i Invest?

Minimum - $20

we accept bitcoin , payeer and perfectmoney.
we will add other payment system soon.


$4364 14 $723.47

Our team has entered foreign exchange margin trading market since 2003. We have developed one set of system in ten years, which makes use of big data analysis to attain the biggest possibility of attaining foreign exchange trends and we will expand our capital by 132 times within three years. Based on the conservative calculation of our system, around 5% profit can be attained per day on average under the leverage of fifty times. To attain greater achievements, we registered company in UK and raise capitals from the outside officially. Based on the investment amount of the investors, 2%-4% interest will be allocated to investors in every day. We will publish the operating profit of main exchange the day before, if the profit exceeds the expectation, we will open two times interest period from time to time and welcome to join us.

At present, all company staffs are traders, working in three shifts per day. Traders are characters need great concentration force and bearing the greatest pressure no matter where they are. To reduce the business of traders and let them create higher profit for you, at present, we do not provide online consulting service. It is normal that nobody answers the call and we will recruit staffs to service you in the near future.

We believe that creating higher profit is more important than anything else for you.